nieves carrasco

Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Nieves Carrasco studied fine arts and textile design at Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile, between 1970 and 1973. Her work is particularly informed by the teaching of Inge Dusi (shibori), Pilar Valdés and Isabel Baixas (weaving), and Eduardo Vilches, through his course based on Josef Albers’ studies of colour interaction.

Nieves moved to Canada in 1974. While in Toronto in 1978, she prepared an exhibition of tapestry weaving, which was shown in 1979 in Santiago. She studied architecture at the University of Calgary, in Alberta (as Nieves Muzard), graduating with a master’s degree in environmental design in 1986. She was awarded first prize in The Cohos Evamy Partners Travel Scholarship architectural design competition in 1983.

Nieves resumed her textile work in Santiago in 1998, when she took a shibori workshop with Inge Dusi, and an indigo/shibori workshop with Yoshiko Wada. She was involved in the co-ordination of the Third International Shibori Symposium, which took place in Santiago in 1999, and participated in the juried exhibition of shibori by Chilean artists. In 2001 she held a solo exhibition of shibori work at Universidad Católica in Santiago. In 2003, she exhibited at the Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura, in Santiago, a collection of woven and shibori-dyed pieces (exhibition sponsored by the Canadian Embassy in Chile). Nieves has also designed folding screens incorporating textiles.

Since her return to Toronto in 2003, Nieves has participated in juried exhibitions (Fibreworks 2004 in Cambridge, Ontario, Common Thread 2005 in Oakville, Ontario; Square-Carré-Cuadrado 2004, Textile Art Biennial Valencia, Venezuela). Dorothy Caldwell’s workshop on stitching in 2003 inspired her to use stitching in her work, which resulted in her solo exhibition “Thread Sketches”, in Toronto, 2005. Nieves was one of four artists in the show “Found in Translation”, at the Japan Foundation of Toronto, in 2006, and one of three artists in the “Wrap, Stitch & Burn” exhibition at *new* gallery in Toronto, in 2008.

Her solo exhibition “Paper Surroundings: large format shibori-dyed washi” at The Department gallery in Toronto, in 2011 (exhibition generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the Japanese Paper Place and the Toronto Guild of Spinners and Weavers), explores the use of washi (handmade Japanese paper) at a large scale. Nieves has also participated in the Shadow Box Auction fundraising event for The Textile Museum of Canada in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Nieves Carrasco’s work has been displayed at Klaus by Nienkamper (Fall 2005), and at Hollace Cluny (2005-8), both in Toronto. She was an exhibitor at the Interior Design Show 2006 in Toronto. Her work is currently displayed at the Textile Museum of Canada gift shop.



nieves carrasco